TROY Secure DXi Printers

TROY Secure DXi Printers are designed to manage risk when printing high value documents on network printers or on printers in an open office environment. These machines come with TROY's patented Security Toner or TROY's Standard UV Toner and include a great variety of security features including TROY Copy Evident Pantograph Technology, TROY Customizable MicroPrint Font, TROYMark™ Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology, and many more.

Key Features of the Troy DXi Printers

TROY Copy Evident Pantograph Technology
Provides users with the ability to create a hidden pattern in the background of a document that will appear across a photocopied version of a document.

TROY Customizable MicroPrint Font 
Enables level 2 fraud detection by generating a group of characters that appear as a fine line to the unaided eye, but appear under magnification.

TROYMark™ Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology
A feature unique to TROY this feature produces a repetitive watermark of variable data across the background of document.

TROY M506 Secure DXi Printers

A sophisticated desktop unit for organizations who require print volumes between 2,000 and 7,500 pages per month, this unit provides print speeds up to 45 ppm and a maximum input capacity of 2,300 sheets.

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Troy m506 Secure DXi Printers

Troy M605/M606 Secure DXi Printers

TROY M605 Secure DXi Printers
Mid-sized organizations who require more output and speed should consider the M605 Printer. Operating with print speeds up to 58 ppm and providing a maximum input capacity of 3,600 sheet, this printer is perfect for organizations who are printing 5,000 to 16,000 pages per month.

TROY M606 Secure DXi Printers
This is the perfect printer for organizations who rely on fast printing. With a maximum output capacity of 3,600 sheets, this powerful desktop unit offers print speeds up 65 ppm and can manage print volumes of 5,000 to 20,000 pages per month.

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Troy M605/M606 Secure DXi Printers

Troy 806 DXi Printers

A robust desktop unit, this printer provides print speeds up to 55 ppm and a maximum input capacity of 4,600 sheets. If your organization's print volume ranges between 10,000 and 50,000 pages per month, with a range of output accessories, the M806 is the ideal printer for you.

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Troy M806 Secure DXi Printers