Secure Document Printing

SecureDocs has the ability to add personalized, on demand, layered security to any document including both pre-printed security forms and new documents and records. A large number of companies rely solely on pre-printed security paper to protect their high value documents. Though pre-printed security paper does a good job of securing the base document, it does not address the security of personal data that is added to the document at the point of print. By not securing personal data, companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to unauthorized modifications, forgery or photocopying.

SecureDocs helps companies by adding another layer of protection to their documents. Personalized security features are added to each print file before it is routed to the printer giving companies an additional layer of security beyond pre-printed stock creating unique and secure documents.

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Use SecureDocs to print:

  • Cheque Printing/MICR
  • Registration Documents
  • Transcripts
  • Titles of Ownership
  • Bills of Lading/Shipping
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Certificates/Vital Records
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Judicial and Legal
  • Ticketing
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Temporary Passports/Visas

SecureDocs typical applications include:

  • Certificates (Education, Savings, Tax, examination, birth, marriage, death, accreditation, family registration etc.)
  • Land Registry and Titles of Ownership
  • Licenses, Permits and Authorisations (e.g.: Arms Licenses)
  • Registration documents (Vehicle etc.)
  • Government Issued Certificates and Identity Documents
  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Govt. tax documents
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Dividend Warrants
  • Official Ministry Stationery
  • Judicial and Legal Reports
  • Corporate contracts
  • Titles of Ownership
  • Passes and membership documents
  • Ticketing (events and transportation)
  • Validation documents
  • Travel / Export documents
  • Customs and Shipping documents
  • Financial Agreements
  • Retail Vouchers
  • Prize Bonds
  • Cheques and bank drafts

This new technology is a comprehensive range of secure on-demand printing solutions including security printing hardware and specialised consumables for secure printing of certificates, govt. documents, licenses, payments, transcripts, prescriptions, registration documents and other important records (see the list below).

This is being used extensively in US businesses and government agencies to manage fraud, risk and comply with regulatory controls.

Our philosophy is to add an additional layer of security at the point of issue, in the personalisation, to prevent base stationery being stolen and personalised at home by criminals and fraudsters.

The products include:

  • HP LaserJet printers with fluorescing toner for document authentication – fluoresces blue under verification light
  • Invisible UV printer – prints black and invisible UV in one pass
  • Security Toner (bleeds red if fraudulent alteration is attempted using solvents)
  • LaserJet firmware enhancements for secure finished documents including copy-void pantographs, variable micro-print and TROYMark™ – see images below
  • Security enhanced HP LaserJet’s with tray and printer locks, firmware security features and security toners
  • Our Security Printers have optional secure sheet feeders / trays with locks and rear-shielding to prevent theft of base stationery from the printer

Security Feature Descriptions


A unique printed watermark of user defined variable data, printed diagonally across the face or reverse of a document. This intelligent anti-tampering technology helps to verify that critical information has not been altered.


Variable Microprint

Microprinting can be used to prevent unauthorized copying of documents. This very small font is readable when viewed at five times magnification or greater, but illegible when copied. When used with variable data it can also prevent alteration.

Variable Microprint

Security Toner (Dxi and MICR Printers only)

Contains a red dye which bleeds if fraudulent alteration is attempted using solvents.

Also used for authentication. Can provide bleed-through characters when combined with special offset coating.

Security Toner

UV Toner (black toner that fluoresces blue) – Dxi only

Fluoresces blue for excellent authentication of original – looks like regular black toner to the naked eye. Visible under UV light.

UV Toner

Invisible UV (SecureUV printer only)

Covert invisible UV for variable digital printing (serial numbers, 2D / QR codes) plus black in one pass. For certificates, tickets, Govt. documents. (TROY m451 Secure UV Printer)

Invisible UV