CheqXPress Cheque Printing Software

CheqXPress is a Windows based desktop application that is easy to use, and provides a cost effective means of printing cheques securely onto blank security paper in a user controlled manner or in an automated manner on server based/hosted environments. Combined with a Secure laser printer, CheqXPress is one of the most innovative and secure cheque printing systems available today.

CheqXPress will integrate with any host financial / accounting software system, with user access controlled by an eToken. User activity is stored in the archive reports which offers comprehensive audit reporting. Automated cheque signing is controlled by user thresholds based on values of payments.

The system is limitless in the number of bank accounts, companies and cheque styles it can accommodate. Cheques can be printed individually or in batches containing thousands of cheques. Any number of bank accounts can be accommodated.

CheqXPress fully complies with all international MICR standards and is installed across 4 continents.

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Security features & functions

  • No more preprinted cheques — print as you go
  • ID and Password access
  • USB license and access control
  • User privileges set up by system administrator
  • Unlimited number of bank accounts accommodated
  • Unlimited number of companies accommodated
  • Audit report on system activity
  • Interfaces with any accounting system
  • Manual cheques module
  • Encrypted signatures applied under secure conditions
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